K-12th Grade
We offer tutoring 1:1 small groups, or micro-schooling for all core subjects. Math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and reading.

Paraprofessional Services
We are able to service our special needs families by providing para services. In order to be a paraprofessional you must have an Associates Degree, 60+ college hours or have passed the paraprofessional test. Since we are not a traditional school, paraprofessional services must be led by a tutor or parent and the paraprofessionals will be responsible for follow through.

Language Classes
Currently we have Spanish and ASL (if your are looking for something different please inquire) Spanish language, reading, writing, and conversation. ASL words, phrases, and letters (These classes can be 1:1, or groups up to 5)

Life Skills
We offer a wide variety of life skills including but not limited to: financial literacy, cooking, cleaning, laundry, basic repair, sewing, and more. These activities help to increase a child’s independence.

Currently we offer Piano lessons. Music Theory Reading and Writing sheet music (Inquire for more options)