Our Process

Assessment: We’ll start with a consultation and we will speak with you and your support system as well as your kids/s to learn about your goal and what your kid/s needs, and we will be able to recommend a customized program that will help your kid/s get on task where it is they need and want to be.

Match: After we get to know your kid/s, we will come up with a plan including your kid/s interests, games, reading or hobbies.

Tutoring: This involves a custom academic plan for each kid/s. It will be tailored to fit their learning style, IEP, 504 plan, or any other accommodations that they may need. We will provide help with homework and/or homeschool through one-on-one tutoring or in small groups. All of these situations will help to boost your kid/s self esteem and moral in and out of the classroom.

Support: We are able to assist you in every step of the academic plan. It is a priority for us to keep your family in the loop by speaking daily in-person, by journal, or email. We want you to know how your kids/s are doing and every step of the way.