About us

We realize that learning can be a challenge for students and parents. We offer a variety of services such as online, in person, and small group sessions. When there is a lack of communication between teachers, tutors, and students, it ultimately negatively impacts the students’ learning experiences. Not all students learn the same way. Some may thrive online while others may need a more one on one in person approach or more social interaction making the small groups a very useful learning tool. Without the proper foundation and support, students may not reach their full potential putting them at a disadvantage compared to peers with the same or similar educational needs.

Highly Qualified Educators

Everyone knows that when you have an excellent instructor learning is easier.
All of our staff members have Arizona level 1 fingerprint clearance cards as well as CPR and First-Aid certified.


For each student, we will work together with the parents, guardians, and students to come up with a plan for each students success. We provide a variety of supplemental learning material for K-12 students. Our customized learning plans ensure that sessions are tailored specifically with their current skill set. It is our goal to make sure that every student within our program is successful.

Services Provided 

We offer tutoring in a variety of core subjects, such as: mathematics, language arts, science and social studies. We are also able to provide some basic physical education supports that include sports such as football, volleyball, and basketball. If your sport is not listed please inquire as this is not an exhaustive list. In addition to the most common school subjects we provide some elective type tutoring programs that include one on one Spanish instruction.
We provide additional services which include writing curriculum that include scope and sequence, additionally we can help you with lesson plans or create them for you.

If you have questions regarding any of the services we provide, or are interested in registering your child, please reach out, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank You!

Email: Info@horizonstutor.com
Phone: 480-436-3883
Facebook: Horizons Homeschool Mom

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